DETOXI Ag CELL REPAIRER Sebum and Desquamation

DETOXI Ag CELL REPAIRER Sebum and Desquamation


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Sebum and Desquamation 
Exceptional peeling mask for detoxifying, purifying, hydrating, soothing and oxygenating scalp. Micronized colloidal silver with extraordinary antiseptic properties, microgranules of Jojoba, Plant extracts from the Amazonian forest, stimulate the natural skin turnover removing sebum, dead cells, dandruff and toxins. Tourmaline very rich in oligoelements and high biotechnological Botox-like molecules release tension and rigidity of the scalp. DETOXI Ag promotes physiological healthy and thick hair regrowth effectively counteracting fragility and loss.


Apply 1 dose of DETOXI Ag line by line on dry scalp. Moisten your fingertips and massage with circular movements particularly on areas with dandruff and sebum. Leave on scalp for a few minutes. Deeply rinse, removing any residue. Proceed with the shampoo. Repeat the application twice a week.


30 tubes 15 ml

Hypoallergenic - Clinically Tested – Nickel Tested – Paraben Free – SLS Free

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