Over 40 years of experience in the excellence of quality
International patents 

All our brands, clinically and dermatologically tested by the most prestigious ITALIAN UNIVERSITIES, are exclusively formulated and created by our in-house production laboratories to guarantee total quality control. Our laboratories are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of chemists, biologists, cosmetologists and laboratory technicians specialized in the excellence of formulation quality, efficacy and safety. Maintaining the integrity of our vocation for absolutely high quality, limited production, constant training and innovation on the panorama of the worldwide dermocosmetics market is the value that identifies our company and our brands. We dedicate our time with great enthusiasm and passion, and this is why our brands are so special and unique.


The ethics underlying the rationale for the formulation of every Vivipharma treatment ensure paraben-free and fully eudermic products, with a high metabolic profile and greater uptake of the various molecules, enhancing their bio-availability and giving powerful anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, moisturizing, elasticizing, protective, nutritive and equilibration effects for the skin and hair.


All our products based on "formulation for delivery", a concept that describes the optimization of the emulsifier/active principle system to ensure the maximum supply of functional substances to their target site. We develop the formulation rationale for all our products, applying the discoveries in bioengineering, non-invasive skin penetration, biostatistics and cutaneous sensorial techniques made by Prof. Johann W. Wiechers.


Science, ethics, intuition and research combined with exclusive and precious molecules make every Vivipharma creation nothing less than an absolute biotechnological masterpiece, and several of them are protected by international high-tech industrial patents.


The added value and premium features offered by Vivipharma derive from the fact that it performs every single phase of its manufacturing process in its own laboratories, from the selection of the best certified raw materials through to the production of the final products. All this guarantees total control over quality and product safety.


In addition to scrupulous checks on the organoleptic quality of products along the entire production chain, we also perform analyses for the absence of nickel with tests in a laboratory with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 RINA no. 3398/00 accreditation. We also offer certification for hypoallergenicity, product safety, microbiological purity and effectiveness by means of clinical trials conducted by university dermatology clinics using European protocols.