From Vivipharma research the secret for healthy, beautiful, long-lasting young hair: the extraordinary synergy between Trichological Treatments Glycosan, Kenogen, Genetics-LPA and Dermo Infusion Oxygen.

The system, by providing concentrated oxygen (>90%), on the one hand promotes the increase of blood and lymphatic microcirculation, on the other hand promotes the deep vehiculation of the actives contained in Vivipharma Trichological Treatments.

The combination of concentrated oxygen with the precious nutrient, regenerating, energizing, antioxidant, anti-fall molecules of Trichological Treatments Glycosan, Kenogen, Genetics-LPA, is the deepest secret for the exceptional regeneration of skin and hair.


This new, natural, non-invasive, relaxing, totally painless and safe method can counteract the most frequent anomalies of the scalp such as dandruff, seborrhea, scaling, hair thinning, hair loss, poor hair growth and poor hair extension. Since the first session dryness, itching and scaling attenuate, hair visibly look energized, sustained and more vital.

  • Increase of cellular oxygenation
  • Metabolic acceleration
  • Increase in the processes of detoxification and skin purification
  • Increase of nutrients and energy to the hair roots
  • Stop hair falling, more Growth and Extension