Clinical Tests


      • The test results showed that Glycosan Plus Bio-Complex is effective in the reduction of hair loss, the increase of resistance to pulling out and the decrease of seborrhoea, dandruff and itching of the scalp. 
        These results were observed after as few as 90 days of use.
      • HAIR LOSS
        The average values calculated for the subjects involved in testing showed a reduction of hair loss of 51.28% in all subjects (Tab. 1). Video recordings made it possible to make visual comparisons between the specimen areas at the start of testing and after 120 days of treatment, demonstrating an increase in the number of single hairs(Fig. 1- Fig. 2).
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      • Studio clinico per la valutazione dell'efficacia del Glycosan plus Bio-Complex in soggetti con forfora.

      • Glycosan plus Bio-Complex treatment noticeably reduces the presence of dandruff (60% reduction) and itching (47.05%), thanks to the contribution of functional substances such as glycogen, glycosaminoglycans and collagen that improve the scalp’s metabolic conditions. The graph below shows the clear reduction in scaling and dandruff after just 90 days of treatment.

      • Efficacy and tolerability test on Glycosan Bio-Complex in patients affected by Seborrhea.

      • Glycosan plus Bio-Complex has been shown to exert a normalising action on the scalp’s sebaceous secretions, a symptom often accompanying hair loss. Statistical analysis shows a reduction of 54.05% in seborrhea, which dropped from 1.48 at the moment of enrolment to 0.68 after 120 days.

    • Thickness, Elasticity and Strength

      • Clinical study to assess the efficacy of Glycosan plus Bio-Complex in subjects with widespread hair loss and androgenetic alopecia.

        By manually pulling hair in cases of androgenetic alopecia, the number of hairs pulled out is higher than those that would be pulled out under normal conditions. After 90 days of treatment with Glycosan plus Bio- Sensil, a 28% reduction (table 2) in the number of hairs pulled out by manual pulling was obtained, proving the efficacy in reducing hair loss. The test also showed an improvement in the biomechanical qualities of hair, including thickness, elasticity and strength.
        “Efficacy and tolerability test on Glycosan Bio-Sensil in patients affected by androgenetic alopecia”
        Centro di Ricerche Cosmetologiche - Rome RTC - Ricerche e Tecnologie Cosmetologiche - Milan

    • PATENTED FORMULA (Nr MI2004A001739)

      • In vitro study.

      • Reduction in production of chemical mediators of inflammation (LDH and IL-1α) on skin cultivated in vitro and radiated with UV-B compared compared with the action obtained using aspirin.

      • An increase in hair’s moisture and elasticity was found in 58 volunteers with bleached blonde hair and dyed brown hair after 4 days and 6 weeks of shampoo use.

      • The Regenerating Moisturising Shampoo Bio-Sensil restores optimal moisture, regenerating the hair’s biomechanical properties such as elasticity and softness.


      • Evaluation of regenerating effect of Lifting Oil on keratin fibre: 15% increase in growth and 40% increase in resistance to pulling if subjected to maximum force.


      • Clinical trial under dermatological control on male and female volunteers with thinning hair and poor hair growth and lengthening.

      • A percentage increase in hair in the anagen phase is observed after 60 days of daily application, which shows the effectiveness of Kenogen lotion.

        University of Parma-Ferrara and 
        Centre of Cosmetic Research (Rome)


      • Clinical trial under dermatological control on volunteers with androgenetic alopecia ranging between stage II and IV of the Hamilton-Norwood Scale for men and stage I and II of the Ludwig scale for women, with hypotrichosis and thin hair.

      • The treatment GENETICS-LPA has shown an exceptional cosmetic effectiveness in the treatment of both male and female androgenic alopecia, with an excellent cutaneous compatibility. The results obtained in fact in instrumental assessments have highlighted an increase of 3.02% in hair shaft diameter, increased resistance to pulling out, a reduction of 31.87% in hair loss and the regrowth of new hair.
      • Reduction of number of hairs extracted with this method: 16.48% after 60 days and 31.87% after 90 days of treatment

    • Increase in hair shaft diameter: 1.97% after 60 days and 3.02% after 90 days


    • Tested on 20 subjects, male and female, aged between 18 and 65, with reactive, hypersensitive scalps, erythematic-irritated and scaling dermatitis, xerosis and psoriasis, and in a good general state of health. The volunteers used the products in question for 30 consecutive days. Results showed a clear improvement in their clinical situation.

    • 1) Improvement in clinical situation;
      2) Reduction of redness;
      3) Detachment of dandruff and scaling;
      4) Healing of minor lesions and epidermal excoriations;
      5) Reduction of itching;

      6) Positive soothing effect;
      7) Positive refreshing effect;
      8) Positive decongesting effect;
      9) Delicate cleansing.

      Tests on effectiveness and tolerability of Glycosan Plus Bio-Derm in patients affected by dermatitis and psoriasis
      Cosmetology Research Centre – Rome