How can I cancel an order I’ve already placed?

From the moment you place an order and receive the confirmation email you have 30 minutes to notify and request any modification to the billing/delivery address or to cancel the order. Once this period of time has elapsed, the order can no longer be modified or cancelled.

Does a minimum online order value apply? 
No, no minimum online order value applies.

I’d like to receive some product samples at home, is that possible?
Yes, for every order you place, you’ll receive some free Vivipharma.


I would like to receive samples produced at home. It's possible?
Yes, for every order you will receive free samples of the Vivipharma.

How much are the shipping costs?
Throughout Italy shipping is free.

In how many days will I receive my order and how can I track the shipment?
Your order will be entrusted to the BRT courier within 2 working days from the order date. At that moment we will send you the information by email to track your shipment.

When will deliveries be made?
The deliveries of the orders will be made from Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

What happens if I am not present on the day of delivery?
In this case you will receive communication from the BRT courier who will give you information on how to proceed with the collection of your order.

Why haven't I received my order yet?
If you experience problems in the delivery of your order, contact us at assistenza@vivipharma.com

Is it possible to ship abroad?

Yes, it is possible to ship abroad.
In Europe the shipping cost is € 19.90, € 9.90 above € 200. Waiting times 4/8 days.
In the rest of the world the cost of shipping is € 50, € 35 over € 200 of spending. Waiting times 5/15 days.


I’ve received a faulty product in my online order, can I return it?

Vivipharma is constantly committed to offering safe products that are perfect in terms of quality. However, some items may present anomalies.

If the product you received should be faulty, do not hesitate to contact us immediately by email at assistenza@vivipharma.com, specifying the article code, which can be found on the invoice, and the type of fault found, attaching a photograph that shows the problem if possible.


The product I received is different from what I ordered. What should I do? 
If there’s been an error, we kindly invite you to promptly notify us via email at assistenza@vivipharma.com, specifying the order number, the product ordered and the product received, attaching a photograph if possible.


I’d like to return one or more products from my order, what should I do?

You need to send notification via email within 14 working days of the date of receipt of the order.

Vivipharma will refund the sum due by re-crediting your account within 30 days of communication of exercising the right to return goods at the latest. Please remember that in order to make a return, products must be sent back in their original packaging accompanied by the duly filled in delivery note that should be requested via email at assistenza@vivipharma.com.


How can I make payment?
We accept most popular credit cards, including prepaid cards and rechargeable cards, issued by bank institutes present in Italy: VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We also accept payment via PayPal.

Can I pay on delivery?
Yes we accept payment on delivery, only for orders from Italy.


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