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Established in 1977 and still run today by the founding partners, the Vivipharma group is a leader in the dermocosmetic and professional trichology sector. It is a global benchmark in pharmacies, dermatological clinics and prestigious spas, with innovative biotechnological treatments that offer unbeatable quality, value and efficacy.

More than 1500 retailers have chosen our products, which are all medium to high-end, and our catalogue contains over 600 items, ranging from those for more general consumer use, to those which are more specialised and formulated for a more knowledgeable and selective public.


All Vivipharma products are the culmination of over forty years of experience in our research laboratories, which hold several exclusive international patents. During production, products undergo strict quality controls: our highly scientific raw materials are carefully selected and all products undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure they are safe, pleasant to use and effective. They are all hypoallergenic, nickel tested, paraben free and clinically tested.



This range of high-performance professional products, created to make top quality products accessible to as wide a public as possible, treats all types of hair and scalps, making them healthy and beautiful. SCIENCE, for men and women, guarantees SAFETY, as all its products undergo rigorous clinical testing, and EFFICACY, as they work in synergy to deliver the best results.



SPECIALIST HAIR CARE products. The scientific precision of our team of biologists, chemists, cosmetologists, trichologists and technicians, is combined with the expertise of our researchers who keep up to date with the lasted developments, to give products that effectively treat hair loss, dandruff, seborrhoea, sensitive scalps, dermatitis and psoriasis. The quality and performance of each of the treatments are due to the exclusive formulas developed by our researchers, their safety, dermocompatibility, top quality raw materials and, most important of all, efficacy, which is verified by clinical tests conducted at the universities of Rome, Parma and Ferrara.



Skincare, make-up and sun products for the metropolitan woman who expects only the best. The wide range of products in the CHRISSIE line meets the needs of even the most demanding skin, from specially formulated face creams to hydrate the skin and fight the signs of ageing, to sun and make-up products. Biotechnologies and patented formulas are used in all the products.



Cutting-edge cosmetics in pharmacies. This unique brand, synonymous with timeless luxury, is enhanced by the use of precious raw materials such as gold, platinum, silver, diamond, emerald, topaz and ruby. REPHASE is the range of cosmetics that merges the quality of pharmacy products with the luxury of the perfumery. Our quality products have been chosen by exclusive spas, like the spa in the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel in Florence.

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